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Château de Laubade offers two families of Armagnac:

On one hand, there is the result of blending different Armagnacs (such as our V.S.O.P., Intemporel, X.O.) in which experience, know-how, and the art of blending are determinant in offering high quality spirits. For instance, the blends at Laubade are aged in barrels much longer than what is required by the French law.

On the other hand, there are the single vintages in which 100% of the content within each bottle is the result of the year’s harvest and distillation. In the cellars of Laubade, over 90 different ageing vintages can be found, a genuine testimony of history. The oldest vintage dates back to 1888.


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Assemblage VSOP
Intemporel Hors d'Age.doc
Intemporel N°3.doc,
N°5.doc, N°7.doc
Millésime 1946

Carafe Hors d'Âge
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Laubade also produces an aperitif named Floc de Gascogne, a subtle blend of fresh grape juice and Armagnac, as well as a premium plum brandy.

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