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Welcome to Château de Laubade

Château de Laubade was built in 1870, and is today the premier Armagnac property, composed of 260 acres of single vineyard. The Lesgourgues family has been running the estate since 1974. Arnaud and Denis Lesgourgues, as the third generation have been actively involved in the quest of excellence, to make Château de Laubade an undisputed reference in the Armagnac category.

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The story of the Château, the creation and the maturation of our Bas Armagnacs will be revealed to you, up to the current events that shape their local and international fame. Tasting a Laubade Bas Armagnac is nothing but an aesthetic trip at the heart of the Bas Armagnac terroir, where any sense is exalted. Our Bas Armagnacs are elaborated as artworks that have to be patiently discovered and enjoyed, as a lifestyle.

We wish you a pleasant visit in our world.

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